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Your Service Benefits with AB Kälte- und Klimatechnik GmbH

Private house

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  • low-noise AC systems
  • optimal temperature & humidity
  • via remote control or app

Commercial / data centres

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  • solutions for all requirements
  • individual rooms to entire buildings
  • low energy consumption


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  • failure protection
  • constant cooling performance
  • powerful & energy efficient
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Cooling- / Air Conditioning Technologies

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Image of split air conditioners for home


Perfect feel-good climate: Air Conditioning Systems for home, business, data centres and industrye

  • regulated temperature
  • optimum humidity
  • effective air purification
  • minimal energy consumption

Particularly in the hot summer months, air conditioning in flats and houses is a great relief. In data centres, server rooms, production plants and some trades, reliable continuous air conditioning is absolutely indispensable. As a specialist company for air conditioning technology, we know what is important – and we implement it individually and professionally for you.

Efficient air conditioning for businesses


Optimally controlled: Refrigeration Technology for the industrial and commercial sector

  • individual solutions
  • constant cooling
  • powerful cooling
  • energy efficiency

Especially in the food industry, hospitality, supermarkets, medical and research sector, the consistent and continuously cooling of food, meals as well as finished and unfinished products has top priority. Whether fresh storage cells, cold storage cells, deep-freeze cells or special custom-made solutions: Our team has the know-how and expertise to meet your needs.

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Air Conditioning Technology: Cooling, Heating and Air Purification

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Air conditioning from Dainkin

AC Technology

Precisely planned: AC Technology for private, industrial, data centre and commercial use

For private households as well as for commercial use – as professionals, we are able to adapt the optimum air conditioning technology to every need and every situation. Whether it's a private split air conditioning system from the test winner Daikin, with different units for walls, ceilings or false ceilings. Or as an individually designed solution for complex air conditioning requirements in industry, data centres or commerce: Contact us!

Example of multisplit air conditioners and single split air conditioners


Ask for our complete offer for your split air conditioning system

Small house, large house or flat – split air conditioners are the adaptable solution for every living situation. Each split air conditioner consists of an outdoor unit to which one or more indoor units are connected. A single split system is suitable for single rooms, a multi split air conditioner is ideal for air conditioning up to five rooms. We will be happy to make you an individual complete offer. More about split air conditioners

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The Test Winner for Split Air Conditioners, Indoor Units & Air Purifiers

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Dainkin test winner 2021 to 2023


Your split air conditioner, complete with indoor units and installation

  • Test winner 6/2023 GOOD (2,0) FTXJ25AW + RXJ25A
  • Test winner 6/2022 GOOD (2,0) FTXM25R + RXM25R
  • Test winner 6/2021 GOOD (2,1) FTXJ35MW + RXJ35M

We create the ideal comfortable climate for well-tempered living, working and sleeping in your home – always with the test winners of the Stiftung Warentest* of the last three years: the premium air conditioners from Daikin. The air conditioners also purify the room air with an antibacterial particle filter and are whisper-quiet with extremely low sound levels. In winter, these models can also be used very effectively as heaters.
*Stiftung Warentest ➞ is a German consumer organization and foundation involved in investigating and comaring goods and services in an unbiased way

Image of room air purifiers in use
Image source: www.daikin.de


Clean air: air purifiers for home, business, data centres & industry

  • ECARF certified
  • Hepa filter
  • powerful

Air purifiers and air purification systems remove dust, pollutants and allergens from the air. This improves the indoor climate, concentration and performance. Depending on the requirement of application – private rooms, office, trade or industry – there are different types of air purifiers. Choosing the appropriate air purifier, factors such as room size and type of pollution also play a role. We will be happy to advise you in detail.

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Cooling Technology: Refrigeration- and Deep-Freeze Systems & Refrigerated Cabinets

Effiziente Kühlung für frische Produkte


Reliably fresh: refrigeration and freezer systems for industry and commerce

When processing and storing food, meals or temperature-sensitive products and materials, reliable cooling is the be-all and end-all. In addition to the important aspects of hygiene and product safety, it is also important to consider them from an economic point of view: Efficient cooling saves energy and thus costs. As specialists, we develop an individual cooling concept for you.

High quality refrigerated cabinets for trade and commerce


in top-fresh condition: Refrigerated cabinets for retail, gastronomy and the hotel industry

When storing and selling chilled products, an attractive presentation must be guaranteed in addition to perfect cooling performance. As a reliable partner, we offer high-quality refrigerated cabinets for retail, gastronomy and food sales that appeal to customers and promote sales. Ask us – we will find the perfect solution to keep your goods fresh and present them in an attractive way.

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Refrigeration: Industrial Water Chillers and Process Cooling

Industrial chiller image


Effective and efficient: water chillers for industry

Industrial chillers play an important role in refrigeration and are used in various industrial applications. They enable the reliably precise cooling of large volumes in industrial processes, production plants and air conditioning systems. In addition, industrial water chillers are energy-efficient and help to reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

Refrigeration for production processes


Reliably constant temperature level: process cooling

Process cooling is used in the commercial and industrial sectors as well as in building services: When heat has to be dissipated to ensure the quality of the goods produced or to create a pleasant indoor climate. The cooling systems are tailored to individual requirements and thus enable constant temperatures to be maintained from double-digit plus to triple-digit minus degrees.

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Specialists for cooling- and air conditioning technologies around Frankfurt and Offenbach

Contact the professionals

Would you like to know more about the right air conditioning system for your home or do you look for the optimum refrigeration or air conditioning technology for your company? You can reach us quickly and easily by e-mail and telephone.

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