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Refrigeration technologies
Process cooling for businesses in trade and industry

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The advantages of process cooling systems in your company

Precise temperature

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  • Precisely adjustable
  • Permanently reliable
  • safe cooling performance

Continuous cooling

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  • Independent of environment
  • Constant level
  • Reliable at all times


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  • adaptable performance
  • self-manageable
  • extremely quiet running
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Function, application areas and solutions for process cooling

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Refrigeration for production processes


How process cooling works

In process cooling, a heat transfer medium – water or air – circulates in the cooling circuit. This circuit absorbs the ambient heat from the rooms and is cooled down to the required temperature. The cold is then delivered to the area to be cooled. Depending on individual requirements, more intensive cooling can be achieved with the use of special water coolants, or several coolant circuits can be connected.

Customized process cooling solutions


Process cooling: systems for individual solutions

Working with fresh food, foodstuffs, perishable goods, temperature-sensitive IT or medical products requires reliable, fail-safe cooling. With our high-quality and individual solutions and systems for process cooling in the commercial and industrial sectors, we guarantee the highest standards and offer high-performance process cooling that is also designed for extreme conditions.

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Your experts for process cooling

As your experts in air conditioning and refrigeration technology, we help you find the optimal process cooling system for your company's individual requirements. With all the industrial cooling systems we offer, we place great emphasis on energy-efficient use: You get a product from us with the highest possible manufacturing reliability and quality, which saves you operating costs.

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Safety and performance for every industry

Error checks

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  • multiple operational tests
  • intensively tested components
  • for long service life

Energy efficiency

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  • up to 30% more efficient
  • environmentally friendly
  • Heat recovery opt.

New technologies

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  • state of the art
  • precise manufacturing
  • legally compliant
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Maintenance, servicing and emergency service for your process cooling system

Regular maintenance and inspection are indispensable for long-term high-performance and reliable process cooling and heat recovery. We take care of your refrigeration systems with comprehensive service. In emergencies, our 24-hour service is available around the clock and with our contracted 4-hour on-site service, we can be with you as quickly as possible.

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Experience and expertise for process refrigeration in Offenbach and Frankfurt

Your contact to the professionals

Are you looking for a suitable solution with process cooling for your company or would you like to update your systems? We will be happy to work out an individual concept for you. You can reach us quickly and easily by e-mail or telephone.

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