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Refrigeration technologies
Industrial chillers for use in industry and commerce

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The advantages of cooling with industrial chillers

energy efficient

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  • low energy & costs
  • heat recovery
  • up to 25% less CO2

technologically innovative

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  • various equipment
  • renewable energies
  • precise manufacturing

high reliability

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  • many tests & inspections
  • low susceptibility to faults
  • resilient & durable
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Industrial chillers – cool solutions for industry and commerce

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Efficient and individual in use: industrial chillers

Thanks to their powerful cooling capacity and integratable heat recovery, chillers are an energy-efficient solution for air conditioning and cooling supply in companies. They are connected to an air or water circuit that absorbs heat from rooms or processes and transfers it back to the chiller. There, the air/water is cooled down. The dissipated heat can be used elsewhere for heating.

Scalable refrigeration solutions for industry


The difference between air-cooled and water-cooled chillers

    Water-cooled chillers

  • Medium & large applications
  • Indoor installation
  • cooling / cooling & heating
  • Inverter technology
  • Air-cooled chillers

  • small to large applications
  • Outdoor installation
  • cooling / heat pump
  • Inverter technology
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Experts for industrial chillers in food, chemical and metal industries

AB Kälte- und Klimatechnik GmbH is your competent partner in the Frankfurt and Offenbach area when it comes to professional and individual process cooling solutions. We have comprehensive know-how in the field of chillers for industry and commerce. The chillers we offer can be installed quickly, easily and safely.

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High performance for industry and many trades, e.g.:

vehicle/mechanical engineering

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  • better air quality
  • controlled temperatures
  • healthy working climate

food & pharmaceuticals

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  • holistic climate solution
  • cooling and refrigeration
  • no air pollution

plastics & metal industry

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  • heat recovery
  • high air quality
  • cooling & heating
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Maintenance, repair and emergency service for chiller systems

Complex systems such as industrial chillers need regular maintenance. Our professional maintenance and repair service ensures that the risk of expensive downtime is minimised and the service life of your cooling systems is extended. With our 24-hour service, we are available around the clock in case of emergency, and with the contracted 4-hour on-site service, we can even be with you in the shortest possible time.

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Our expertise for chillers in the Frankfurt and Offenbach area

Your master craftsman's company with experience and know-how

Are you looking for a competent master company for industrial water chillers? We will advise you without obligation. Just send us an e-mail or give us a call.

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